Kaitlynn's Favorites Right Now, February 15, 2021

A Table for Friends: The Art of Cooking for Two or Twenty

For a gift this year, I received the cookbook A Table for Friends: The Art of Cooking for Two or Twenty by Skye McAlpine, a food writer for the Sunday Times. (If you want your Instagram feed to have (even more) food inspo, with some storybook photos of the Venice canals peppered in, I'd recommend you give her a follow!)  The concept behind this cookbook is that you come for the food, stay for the advice. In addition to incredible recipes, Skye McAlpine offers her tips and guidance to help break down the expectations we build for ourselves, both in the kitchen and as a hostess. This cookbook is broken up into four categories: stars (recipes that can be served alone and stand on its own two feet), sides, sweets and extras. If you are anything like me, and are dipping your toes into more complicated cooking, still learning how to plan a manageable, yet impressive menu, while setting aside enough time to actually cook, this is for you. 

Merete Rein Glass (New products coming week 7)

A couple weeks ago, Mariell and I took a day trip to our neighboring town of Aurland to pay a visit to Merete Rein. We had initially stopped in to watch her processes, and talk over some new product ideas but we didn't leave empty handed. Once we spotted these blue beauties, just sitting on a shelf waiting to be found, we immediately started brainstorming what other colors we could get it in. This glass takes me away from the cold, harsh days we've been having lately, and reminds me of days laying out on my balcony, iced coffee in hand, with the sun shining down on my bare feet. 

Sundays, No. 45: Skye Blue Vegan

Back in the Land of Convenience, I lived just about an hour away from New York City. While I loved living close, that also meant that I could hop on a train and be in Hudson Yards for an afternoon nail appointment and a Lebanese dinner. 💸💸 

Heading to Sundays nail studio became a bit of a guilty pleasure past time for me. In thirty minutes, I could get a better quality manicure, that would last almost a full week longer, and turn a drop in appointment into a weekend experience. Sundays was also the first nail polish brand I had ever known to be not only 9-free but 10-free, meaning the brand doesn't tolerate chemicals, plasticizers, toxins or formaldehydes resins. 

For my move, I stocked up on four bottles of my power shade, No. 45: Skye Blue, and was ready to conquer a new country. One year later, I came into work venting about one of "those" mornings, where everything seems to be working against you, including a very empty No. 45 bottle. Luckily, Fredag was in need of a new nail polish brand and the rest is history. 

Klara Organza Scrunchie in Champagne

I love a good trend, but even more, I love a good trend that gives the appearance of my hair having any kind of volume. Since my hair is so thin, the elastic in this scrunchie is perfect for holding my hair in place, while also giving the messy bun a bit more of an elegant and polished look. 

Calabrian Chili Oil

While I have most of the Gridelli range in my house, the one I reach for the most, even more than the Pistachio Cream, is the Calabrian Chili Oil. I don't like "hot" foods. I enjoy a bit of heat,  I just don't want to be uncomfortable while I eat. But boy do I love spice. This oil adds just the right amount of kick and flavor to elevate ✨anything✨ we're eating— pasta, ramen bowls, morning eggs, a tossed salad, or even poured onto a dish with some salt and red pepper flakes for bread dipping. 

The Standard Baggu

 As someone diagnosed with an orderliness OCD, I am chronically impressed with (and seeking out) the organizational habits of others. One day, I saw a friend pull out a flat, folded up Baggu bag from her clutch. After being completely gobsmacked, my mind started to turn on itself:  “Clever, but you have so many totes already that you don't use. Why buy one more?" The shopaholic in me justified buying only one, in my favorite print, and just "giving it a go"— aaaaand fast forward to last week when I ran out of the plastic grocery bags to keep in my restavfall bin. What can I say? They're sturdy, the prints are flirty, and they can be washed if they get dirty. 



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