Bathroom Cleaner Refill: Geranium

155,00 kr

Refill for your empty All Purpose bottle – makes 2 x 500 ml bottles.

With this refill solution Simple Goods wish to encourage reuse of our spray bottles and at the same time contribute to reducing transportation of water. When buying this Refill Bathroom Cleaner you only carry home 100 ml of liquid. And from one 100 ml Refill bottle you get 1 liter finished Cleaning Product. All you have to do is add lukewarm water.

Rinse the spray bottle thoroughly before re-use.

First up, fill 450 ml lukewarm water to the line marked on the label of the Spray Bottle.
Then pour half the content of your 100 ml Refill ml bottle into the Spray Bottle.
Finally, apply the sprayer and shake well.

Your Simple Goods Bathroom Cleaner is now ready for use.

Scents: Geranium, Lavender, Patchouli

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