Cotton Wrap with Beeswax

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A natural alternative to tin foil, cling film, and sandwich paper.

Beeswax wraps are breathable and all-natural keeping your food fresh for longer.

When handling your cotton wrap it will get workable with the warmth of your hands and you can easily wrap it around your preferred food or bowl for coverage.
The recyclable food paper hardens again when cooled down and therefore sits tight.

You can reuse our cotton wraps again and again by gently washing them with cold water and mild dishwashing soap. Hang to dry or tap dry with a tea towel. Do not soak. The beeswax canvas is suitable for nearly all kinds of foods, but due to the risk of bacterial growth, they should not be used for raw meat or fish.

The beeswax wraps last up to a year or even longer when cared for correctly.
Dimensions: Small: 20,5x18 cm, Medium: 25x28 cm, Large: 32,5x35,5 cm