Anti Calc spray 500 ML

200,00 kr

Simple Goods Anti Calc is made from natural and /or organic ingredients. Gently removes calc from tiles, sinks, faucets and more.

    Simple Goods Anti Calc Spray is extremely effective against calc and fat, can be used on many surfaces throughout the house. We always recommend testing on an inconspicuous place. Not recommended on marble and other sensitive natural stone.

    Direction of use:
    Wet the area you want to clean and apply The Anti Calk directly on the surface. Let the product work a couple of minutes, scrub with a cleaning brush or sponge. Make sure to clean thoroughly with water after use.


    Water, Richinus Communis seedoil, Tetrasodium, Glutamate Diacetate, Citric Acid

    In order to reduce our carbon footprint and become as environmentally friendly as possible, we proudly use 100% recycled PET plastic for our bottles. We encourage you to recycle this bottle after use.

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