Jorden Rundt På 80 Ord og Andre Språkreiser by Helene Uri & Victoria Sandøy

279,00 kr

The Norwegian language contains words from all over the world! Some words have had a short journey; they have crossed the border from Sweden or moved north from Germany. Other words have traveled far, all the way from South America, from Africa or from Asia. This is a book about the words that have settled in Norway, and which have become part of our language.

In this colorful splendor book, readers get to experience that our language is alive, fun and constantly on the move. Here the children can see words they know placed beyond beautifully illustrated maps, join journeys on land and water, and learn that our language makes the world smaller and richer. This is a book that will give families who have a minority language as their home language the opportunity to recognize their country on the maps and discover that we use loanwords from their language in Norwegian as well - and be proud of it.

Author Helene Uri delivers a high professional level and flair, while illustrator Victoria Sandøy lifts the visual to an international top level. This is a book you want to have on display in the children's room!

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