How to Be A Tastemaker

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How did renowned Michelin-starred chef Skye Gyngell establish a sustainable kitchen? What’s Claudia Schiffer’s number one advice to all models who are just starting out? How did the Bright Young Things, the 1920s circle of London writers and performers, with their madly rococo flair, inspire Luke Edward Hall’s art and decor? What was the building that had Kengo Kuma decide to become an architect? And why does Paul Stamets believe mushrooms can save the world?
How to Be a Tastemaker offers a glance into not only the work, but also the inner lives of some of the world’s most renowned Tastemakers. In this book 35 extraordinary individuals, who have shaped and continue to shape our tastes express their unique vantage points through their words, actions, the mottos that keep them going on their darkest days, the places that lift their horizons, songs that have enriched their journeys, and the objects they choose to fill their lives with.
It is not by coincidence that you find artist Mickalene Thomas among the same pages as chef Fergus Henderson, that curator Hans Ulrich Obrist is a few turns away from astrologer Susan Miller. The journey with these Tastemakers reveals much, but mainly the intensity of their convictions; the way their worlds of work and leisure are shaped by taste. What is good taste, after all, but having the honesty to announce your ways of thinking and feeling? This book has no fixed point of taste, no single reference point, no workings. Some covetable oddities will spark joy; others may prompt readers to close its pages—after all, “Bad taste is better than no taste!” if you ask author and filmmaker Liz Goldwyn. How to Be a Tastemaker is a witty, highly curated lifestyle guide that’s filled to the brim with expert advice and culture tips. From the woke to the earthlings, from the minimalists to the maximalists this book is an homage in ten chapters to people who are passionate about what they do, who cross-pollinate, who have opened doors and left them for us to walk through.

Semaine launched in 2015 as an immersive shoppable media platform featuring a single Tastemaker every week and is dedicated to inspire, educate, entertain and incite positive change in its audience’s everyday lives through its community of Tastemakers. Celebrating them through insightful articles, intimate photography, and films–from award-winning music videos, documentaries and short films–the features offer a rare glimpse into the Tastemakers’ lives, passions and curated objects.

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